PUBG or Player PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has Revolationized Battle Royale games not only in PC version but also in PUBG Mobile version. PUBG Mobile has now reachd a massive 100 million downloads across iOS and Android, after it launched to both platforms March 19. In those four months, it’s also gained more than 14 million daily active users, not even counting those in China, Japan, and Korea.
100 Players are dropped into a map along an air route, with no guns or equipment, and have to scavenge for them, all while killing any enemies they coming across. Add to this a constantly shrinking play area, with a last man standing win condition, and what you get are adrenaline-rushed matches of equal parts quiet stalking and frantic shooting.

Tencent’s Emulator for PUBG MOBILE

This is for the people who always wanted to play PUBG MOBILE on their Pc with flexible and Precise control with Mouse and Keyboard Combo. This Tencent’s Emulator for PUBG MOBILE works perfectly and runs smoothly with any low end PC. You dont need Gaming Pc to run  PUBG MOBILE Emulator on your computer. You can Enjoy PUBG MOBILE on your PC if you have a descent Computer. And all keys are already set for example keys to move and walk are ‘W’ ‘A’ ‘S’ D’ and sprint is ‘SHIFT’ key. All you have to do is download the below file and it will download and install pubg in your emulator by itself.

Depending on your internet speed it may take few minutes or an hour. You can Download Tencent Gaming Buddy or Tencent best ever Emulator for PC PUBG MOBILE from the link below.

Download https://syzs.qq.com/en/

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