How to Make Piano Melody in FL Studio

How to Make Piano Melody in FL Studio Using Piano Roll

Piano roll is on of the most tremendous function in  FL Studio. FL Studio’s Piano Roll is through a long way certainly one of its most powerful belongings. It has a accessible set of gear that are available for just about every event and is complete of beneficial extras to make lifestyles easier. And in case you are a beginner do not worry Making Melody on Fl Studio is as easy as that. here’s a video on how to properly use piano roll and how to make a piano melody in only a few easy steps.
Here is a  video on YouTube to help you get started

Where to start?
Nicely, I begin with suitable sounding chords. And to be honest you don’t have to have a variety of tune theory know-how  however you need to have a chunk of musical ear so  you could pretty a whole lot inform what chords, chord combinations and melodies paintings collectively. So in case you don’t have song idea know-how, don’t worry, you can nonetheless make song and your ears gets skilled as you keep doing it.

1. Pick out FL keys     
You may constantly use your preferred VSTi  later, once you have got the melody that you need. inside the video above i’ll be the use of Nexus. do not worry in case you do not have Nexus. Fl keys have some first-rate sounding Pianio and with a few Reverb on it simply sound extremely good. Sytrus has a few quality sounding strings and strings are excellent for experimenting with unique kind of chords. .

2. Begin to construct your first chord
Going to the Piano Roll view in FL Studio and pick out a root notice and  I layer one ore two more notes on top of it and test till  you discover a be aware combination that sounds desirable. Maintain doing until you get it proper.

3. Blend your chord 
Once you have got the chord and you are glad with it, replica and paste the primary chord and attempt one-of-a-kind notes in it to find a mixture that plays well with the primary chord. The chords ought to suit collectively when performed one after every other. The chord pattern need to progress logically.

4. Preserve doing this until you’ve got a eight bars lengthy chord pattern.
Watch video above to get basic idea approximately eight bars if you do no longer recognize already.

5. Make Melody
Play around with the notes until you get the melody that  fits the chords

6. layer your chords
It’s always an proper idea to layer your chord using different vst and sounds. It simply make chords extra thick and sounds great of course.

7. Now load up an bass vst plugin.
You may also use Boo Bass that Comes within Fl Studio or even try Harmless vst plugin to make some hard bass.

8. Subsequent replace the notes of Piano chord pattern
Construct a Bassline consistent with the ones root notes. Just reproduction the foundation notes of the piano chord sample and paste them to the bass vst plugin song. Then you transpose everything one octave better and edit the notes to create a rhythmic Bassline. Now we’ve got melodies and Bassline geared up and at this point I generally upload in the drums. I choose a kickdrum, snare and hi-hat and create a primary drum pattern that fits to the style of Bassline and melodies.

9. Extra Melody
At this point in case you assume your Melody does not stand out do not hesitate to make extra melody. Its constantly an correct concept to experiment with unique devices and Vst plugin when making extra melody

10. Load a kick drum, snare and hi-hats 
To FL Studio’s Sampler channels and create a drum pattern via Step Sequencer that performs alongside properly with the Bassline and melodies. Maintain playing with vst plugins/samples until you get it proper.

Well that’s quite plenty it. That’s the fundamental concept to Piano melody in Fl studio using piano roll. But that is only a beginning. This was simply the melody, next step is to check / pick out the proper sounds. always test the presets your VSTi has and in case you don’t find anything you’re glad with, begin tweaking the presets. Don’t be afraid to go wild with the knobs and sliders.

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