How To Clean Your Vocals Recorded With Headphone Microphone

Mixing and Mastering Vocals Recorded With Headphone Microphone In Fl Studio.

When you try to make your first song  with minimum amount of items like an laptop with FL studio installed in it and with an Headphone which comes with an mic. At the beginning you are really excited about the sound clarity but as the time goes by and when you are being used to Fl studio, you started to realize that the audio quality is just not that good enough. You just can’t ignore the background noises pops and clicks. Got it what I mean?. Today in this post I will be exactly talking about that. If you apply the methods listed below you will see the changes in your vocal quality recorded with headphone microphone. who needs those expensive microphone if you can get it done within Fl studio with some tweaks in nobs.

Most of the time vocals recorded with headphones microphones are packed with background noises. unwanted sounds ‘click’ and ‘hiss’ negative audio best, low quantity degree etc are blanketed as properly. And if you are clearly serious with your music you realize that one can’t compromise with the sound satisfactory.but with a few rights precaution, and strategies you may amazingly enhance the sound best of your vocals. And these days we’re gonna obtain that sound pleasant, probably the first-class nice you can get whilst recorded together with your Headphone mic. so shall we? ❤

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1. Precaution before begin recording your vocals

At this factor i’m assuming which you are recording your vocal at your private home in your room. before recording your vocal ensure to shut your doors and home windows and write a notice in your door “Silence Recording” that might ensure that your mic does now not trap any extra or heritage noises and aware your own family and buddies . Do whatever it takes- have you ever attempted recording at your tub room? if no longer deliver it a attempt. you may not regret bathrooms got truly first-rate acoustic effect.

2. Start recording

Now sincerely report vocal. In FL Studio you could record it via clicking the red file button on the pinnacle or on the top right by way of clicking the file icon and selecting alternative as ‘Into playlist as audio clip’.

3. Edit and blend Vocal

Once you are satisfied together with your Recording load vocal sample in Fl Studio mixer tune. After that add a few plugins like Fruity Reverb 2 & Pramatric EQ 2 as for now play around with settings and exceptional knobs of fruity reverb 2 till you get the effecst the manner you need. next aspect is to play around with Pramatric EQ 2.Its always good habit to cut some low frequencies and raise some high frequencies when it comes about vocal.

4. Fruity Limiter Noise Reduction

Now load fruity limiter in mixer and honestly deliver down the gain knob ant the bottom proper of fruity limiter and lift up Thres/Threshold about -40db. it will eliminated all of the historical past noises.

5. Compression

At this point i’m assuming that your vocal sound bit low and so we’re going to improve up the vocal sound without ruining the pleasant. we can you use two compressor one is fruity compressor and other one is fruity limiter  but for now we’ll use fruity compressor as its greater easy and smooth. so in fruity compressor just raise up the ‘gain’ a chunk and on type knob trade it to ‘soft’. And their you have it your vocal sounding a whole lot wider and purifier with brief easy steps. Bear in mind that is just for cleansing your vocal recorded with headphone microphone. Their are more develop strategies and hints to document and mix vocals that we gonna be discuss on coming days.


1. purchase yourself at the least one decent condenser and one respectable dynamic mic as soon as you can. as long as you don´t juggle with them, they´ll closing you for years and open up an entire global of fun. song manufacturing is essentially approximately recording stuff – don´t lose sight of that.

2. Don´t brush aside live recording. With so many samples conveniently available, it´s very smooth to miss it, however you should strive it a few instances, as it teaches fantastically beneficial abilities and highlights lots of ideas computer musicians often ignore, which includes phasing troubles and different mixdown-level issues. Oh, and it´s amusing!

3. while recording guitars, try using  mics positioned centrally however pointing at opposite ends of the tool. They´ll produce tonally unique sounds that can then be panned later for a super stereo impact.

4. live recording and studio recording require one of a kind techniques. stay recording is all approximately near-miking to avoid noise bleed, but this nearly constantly sounds worse than a mic located a comfy distance away, so don´t be tempted to shut mic inside the studio…

5. whilst recording a collection of musicians with one mic (a brass phase, say), the secret is to create the right dynamic stability earlier than you hit the file button. strive placing your players about 3 metres from the mic and pointing it down at them slightly, which will capture reflections from the ground.

6. the appropriate distance for an acoustic guitar mic is around 35-45cm faraway from the soundhole. place it any nearer and your sound can be overly boxy – lots further away and also you´ll pick up too much of the room´s ambience.

7. in case your vocalist is suffering to hit the notes, strive washing their monitoring signal with a whole lot of long reverb. They´ll then be able to use the reverb on their voice to better detect their personal pitch, making it a good deal less complicated for them to make changes.

8. For decent vocal recordings, create a small vicinity filled with duvets and blankets – a cloth cabinet is ideal. Of route, you need to make certain that you have enough light to study the lyrics and enough area so that you can stand a respectable distance from the microphone.

9. It sounds extraordinarily obvious however when you´re recording an instrument or voice, ensure that the backing song most effective performs through nicely-isolated closed-returned earphones with minimum noise-bleed, on the way to report a clean signal.

10.The pleasant placement for a vocal mic is honestly barely above your vocalist, as it forces them to tilt their head lower back slightly, for this reason establishing up their throat for clean and robust voice projection.


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