Hello user Greetings!

Welcome to my website. My name is Bijoy Sarkar, Borned in North-East Tripura Raised in Tuensang, Nagaland.

After my Higher Secondary I lost my complete interest on studies its because History was not my kinda subject but was bound to join arts stream because I was really dumb at maths, there I said it you happy now? lol. so anyway  I was and Iam really good with Computers and tech related stuff and I can proudly say that for last last 5 years I’ve been learning and still con-tuning.. to learn. And here Iam now trying to help others with my little Knowledge that I have earned in all this years.

Its Awkward How I had clearly mentioned above  that I didn’t liked History and wrote an entire paragraph of my own History.

With that being said Hope you all find my website useful and Recommend it to your friends and family.